Arrowhead Shores Owners Association

ASOA Fees & Services



Annual Member Dues and Assessments and FinesOffice Services
Per Lot /Per Year, Billed Jan 1   $50.0

Per Sheet, .25


Deed Restriction Fines, Per Violation $20.00 


 Faxes In/Out Per Sheet

Per Sheet, .50 

Resale Certificate Fee              $75.00

Updated Resale Cert Fee         $25.00 

Deed Writing Fee                     $100.00

Payment plan available for annual dues

Renter/Tenant Fee$35.00/year

Documents:PDF Email Copy- FREE

All Documents Bound Copy- $10.00
Per Residence per year, Billed Jan 1

Rules and Regulations 
Transfer Fees

 $100.00 Restrictionsprinted copy $10.00
To cover administrative costs to set up
Management Certificateprinted copy $2.00
a new owner account

All documents on file with Hood County
Swimming Pool Passes

Dues Paid Member/Owner
 Free BOD Discretionary Spending Limit- $1500

 $  35.00


 $    5.00With the exception of Dues and Assessments
Non resident

 $  50.00 this list will be revised as necessary to cover

administrative costs
Mowing Fees Annual, 3X Mow Min$150

Additional Lots on contract. Per lot $  35.00

Unimproved Lots with no agreement, per lot $  75.00

per mowing

Necessary billable maintenance mowing $  75.00

Fishing Slip ( if accessible) by request $  25.00

Community Room Rental

Cleaning Deposit

 $  25.00

Room Usage

 $  50.00

Non Member Usage

 $  75.00