Arrowhead Shores Owners Association




January 2019


To: All Arrowhead Shores Property Owners

Subject: Important information

From: Your Board of Directors


Dear Owner,               

Arrowhead Shores Owners Association (ASOA) is sending out this Newsletter in an effort to keep the community informed on events & provide general information. *By-Laws, Deed Restrictions & Rules & Regulations can all be found at: ASOA Facebook Page is: “ARROWHEAD SHORES OWNERS ASSOCIATION HOA”.

Please contact your trash provider to Discard: interior Furniture, Mattresses & Appliances etc. If they do not dispose said items, there are dumpsites for discarding & a number of people who pick these items up (often at no cost). A list of dumpsites & phone numbers of those who can assist in disposal is available at the office. The listed items remaining outside of a home & accumulated refuse, are an EPA violation. NOTE: household refuse left curbside attracts the presence of wildlife & neighborhood pets. As a courtesy to your neighbors, please try to remove refuse from curbside outside of trash “pick up” days.

Many properties in ASOA are FOR SALE. The office can assist members with property information to those interested in purchasing. Members are encouraged to use a Title Company when closing. Remember, “new construction” requires a permit, which is free. Please contact the office with any questions.

Members should report all crimes & “questionable activity “to Hood County Sheriffs Dept. 911 or “Non-emergency” number: 817-579-3316. ASOA cannot report for members as this is “second hand” information. When reporting, you can remain anonymous. All dogs must be leashed or contained. Please report animal issues to Hood County Animal Control: 817-573-4277 If an animal is aggressive after hours of operation, please contact Hood County Sherriff’s Department.

Brush Pick up is on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. ASOA is providing this service to members in an effort to keep our neighborhood debris free. A $10.00 Minimum donation is requested.. Please keep length of cuttings down to a manageable size for pick up.

Member meetings are held monthly in the Clubhouse. Time & date are posted on signs throughout the community, Office & Facebook the week prior to meetings. The Meeting schedule posted on our Web Page & bulletin board & is subject to change. The Board of Directors manages the operation of ASOA, a Texas Non Profit Corporation. Your participation will be greatly appreciated.

Office hours are Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 2pm. The office is Closed Mondays. (Hours are subject to change)  For assistance outside of Office Hours, please leave a message at 817-573-0910. We are experiencing issues with the phone line, but messages are received & will be returned.

Yours truly,


Judi Davis, Admin/Manager 

ASOA Deed Restriction Enforcement-

In 2018  members with Deed Restriction violations received warning citations relating to the specific violations. We thank all of you who took this seriously and complied with the warnings. In 2018 enforceable citations will be issued and sent by Certified mail, to those found to still be in violation. There is a 30-day period from the certified mail date to either comply or appeal the citation.

Be forewarned, those who fail to request an appeal, comply or ignore the citations, we will use the legal system for enforcement. In past years we have not had the resources to seek legal assistance and that has now changed. Refusal of a Certified Mailing does not release any of the obligations of the property owner and we will take legal action to collect from members whose dues are in arrears.

The association can and will file liens which may lead to foreclosure for unpaid dues.


ASOA took legal action against the property owner at 5002 Flint Dr. A long standing eyesore in the community. We received a favorable judgement in the 355th Judicial District Court which resulted with a Constables Sale of the property. The property was acquired by ASOA, it was cleaned up and sold.

Meeting Notices-

The 2019 meeting schedule is now posted on the bulletin board and our Web pages.

Voting/Running for the Board-

We need candidates to run for the board. This year we have to fill 2 board positions. All members are eligible to run for the board except those who have been convicted of crimes of moral turpitude (serious felony convictions). All members have the right to vote.


 We need the names of candidates by February 15, 2018. The election calendar of events is as follows:

Jan. 15-Nominating Committee appointed

Feb. 15 Candidate information submitted

March 5 Candidate information provided to members

April 4 Absentee/Electronic voting starts

April 18 Absentee/Electronic voting ends

April 25, Annual Meeting and Election


 Let's Have a great new year for 2019!  

Doyle Seley, Treasurer ASOA