Arrowhead Shores Owners Association

ASOA Rules & Regulations 2012




Revision January 13, 2012








Section A- Board of Directors

Section B- President

Section C- Vice President

Section D- Vice President of Maintenance

Section E- Secretary

Section F- Treasurer

Section G- Office Secretary

III. Rules for Employment


Section A- Architectural Control Committee

Section B- Nominating Committee


Section A- Responsibilities of owners and rights and privileges of Renters, Tenants and Lessees


Section A- Maintenance of lots unattended by owners

Section B- Mowing-Tractor/Riding Mower operations

Section C- Maintenance and use of the Community Building

Section D- Maintenance and use of the pool and recreation areas

Section E- Pool Attendant Instructions

Section F- Pool Care and Maintenance


PURPOSE- The purpose of the ASOA rules and regulations is to clarify responsibilities and privileges of property

owners and to outline the tasks, responsibilities and operating procedures for the Corporation, Board of Directors

(BOD), Officers and Employees and to provide guidance in the operation of the Non-Profit


ASOA maintains a business office for the purpose of conducting the business of the Non Profit Corporation and as

a service to the Members of ASOA. The business hours are Tuesday through Friday 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM and the

office is closed Monday. Any member needing assistance outside the normal business hours may contact the office

directly or by phone (817-573-0910) to set an “Off Hours” appointment.

The following operational policies are in effect:

Open Records relating to Financial and Operational activities for ASOA

Records retention Policy with charges for service

Payment plan for Member Dues and Payment Application

Confidential Safe Keeping of Personnel and Employee Records

Open Board Meetings

Application of Payments

All Dedicatory documents are filed with Hood County per TX Law and posted on ASOA website.

ASOA maintains a public Web Site at

Operational Policies mandated by Law.


ASOA Open Records Policy

In accordance with TX HB2761, effective January 1, 2012, The following Open Records Policy is in effect for


The books and records of ASOA are open and available for examination by any owner/member, or a person

designated, in writing signed by the owner/member, as an agent for the owner/member, attorney certified public

accountant. An owner/member is entitled to obtain from the association copies of information contained in the

books and records.

Attorney’s files and records of the association relating to employees or other owners/members will not be made

available for examination under this policy.

The board of directors will adopt and maintain a records production and copying policy that prescribes the costs

ASOA will charge for compilation, production and reproduction of information requested in accordance with this


The charges for such services will include all reasonable costs of materials, labor and overhead. Costs may not

exceed that which is applicable for item 1 T.A.C. Section 70.3.

This policy will remain in effect until such State of Federal law indicates it is no longer required.

ASOA Records Retention Policy

In accordance with TX HB 2761, effective January 1, 2012, the following Records Retention policy for ASOA is in


All dedicatory documents and respective amendments (Articles of Incorporation, Deed Restrictions, By-Laws and

Rules and Regulations) shall be retained permanently.

All financial records and books shall be retained for seven (7) years.

Account Records of current owners shall be retained for five (5) years

Contracts with a term of one year or more shall be retained for four (4) years after the expiration of the contract


Minutes of meetings of the owners/members and the board shall be retained for seven (7) years.

Tax Returns and audit records shall be retained for seven (7) years.

This policy will remain in effect until such State of Federal law indicates it is no longer required.

Payment Plan Policy

In accordance with TX HB 1821, effective January 1, 2012 the following ASOA Payment Policy is in effect.

Under this alternative payment plan policy an owner/member may make partial payments to ASOA for delinquent

regular or special assessments or any other amount owed to the association without accruing additional monetary

penalties. Monetary penalties do not include reasonable costs associated with the administration of the plan or


The minimum term offered for alternative payment is 3 months. The maximum time allowed for alternative payment

is 18 months. That is, 18 months from the owner/ member request for an alternative payment plan.


ASOA is not required to offer an alternative payment plan to any owner/member who has failed to honor the terms

of a previous payment plan during the two years following the owners/members default under the previous plan.

This policy will remain in effect until such State of Federal law indicates it is no longer required.

Confidential Safe Keeping of Personnel and Employee Records

ASOA maintains all Employee and Personnel files in a securely locked cabinet and may be accessed only by the

BOD and administrative staff for ASOA. These documents are not included in the open records policy for ASOA.

Refer to the open records policy to learn which other documents are maintained securely.

This policy will remain in effect until such State of Federal law indicates it is no longer required

Open Board Meetings Policy

In accordance with TX HB 2761, effective January 1, 2012 the following ASOA Payment Policy is in effect.

All regular and special board meetings are open to all owners/ members subject to the right of the board to adjourn

a board meeting and reconvene in a closed executive session to consider actions involving personnel, pending or

threatened litigation, contract negotiations, enforcement actions, confidential communications with ASOA attorney,

matters involving the invasion of privacy of individual owners/members or matters that are to remain confidential by

request of the affected parties and agreement with the board.

Following an executive session, any decisions made in the session must be summarized orally and placed in the

minutes in general terms without violating any owner/member privilege or violation of any information which was to

remain confidential.

Owners/ members who are not current in payment of dues or assessments may not be excluded from participating

in regular or special board meetings including the right to vote on issues as required,

This policy will remain in effect until such State of Federal law indicates it is no longer required.


In accordance with TX HB 1228, effective January 1, 2012


This is probably the single most important issue that determines whether homeowners lose their homes to an HOA,

and HB 1228 makes some improvement in this area, but does not fully protect homeowners appropriately.

Payment received by ASOA from the owner/ members shall be applied to the owner’s debt in the

following order of priority:

(1) Any delinquent assessment;

(2) Any current assessment;

(3) Any attorney’s fees or third party collection costs incurred by the association associated solely

with assessments or any other charge that could provide the basis for foreclosure;

(4) Any attorney’s fees incurred by the association that are not subject to Subdivision (3);

(5) Any fines assessed by the association;


(6) Any other amount owed to the association;

(7) If at the time ASOA receives a payment from an owner/member and the owner/member is in

default under a payment plan with ASOA, there is no requirement to apply the payment in the order

specified above.

(8) In applying payments, any fines assessed by ASOA may not be given priority over any other

amount owed to the association.

This policy will remain in effect until such State of Federal law indicates it is no longer required.

1. Arrowhead Shores Owners’ Association (ASOA) will not be responsible at law for loss or damage to personal

property. Members of ASOA shall be liable to the Association for the value of all Association Properties that are

damaged, defaced, removed or altered from original condition by them, their dependents or guests. Members

shall be held accountable for their families and guests.

2. Any and all complaints or suggestions shall be submitted to the BOD of the Association in writing and signed by

the person making same. Complaints and suggestions submitted to the board will be considered and discussed

at the monthly board meeting. Decisions requiring a vote by the board or members will be addressed during the

next regular board meeting.

3. Infraction of Rules, Regulations, By-Laws, Covenants or Deed Restrictions may subject member to suspension

or forfeiture of the privileges of membership. Members shall be held accountable for their families, guests and


4. When ASOA Property Owners sell their property, the owner shall inform the buyer of Subdivision Restrictions,

By-Laws and Rules and Regulations and assure the buyer is aware of the contents of these documents.

5. Membership in the ASOA is not an option for property owners of Arrowhead Shores. Any action resulting in a

property owner being suspended or the forfeiture of the privileges of membership, does not release the

property owner from the responsibility to pay any dues, assessments or fees.

6. Under Texas law homeowners associations have strong powers. This means the BOD, acting on behalf of all

ASOA property owners, will use those powers to ensure Arrowhead Shores is maintained as a quality

development. Liens and foreclosure may be used to enforce collection of unpaid monies due the association.

These same powers will be used to remedy situations, which deter from the quality of life within the Arrowhead

Shores development for the benefit of all property owners.


The association is committed to complying with all provisions of federal and state laws

applicable to it as a Texas Non Profit Corporation (501C4) and a property owners

association, as that term is defined in Texas Property Code Section 209.002 (7). In the

event any provision of the Associations governing documents (including but not limited to

Deed Restrictions, By-Laws or Rules and Regulations) conflict with applicable law, the

association shall follow applicable law.

8. ASOA recognizes that Owners On Active Military Duty may have special rights or relief related to the

enforcement action under federal law, including the Service members Civil Relief Act (50 U.S.C.

app. Section 501 et seq.)



PURPOSE –To describe the various functions and responsibilities of Directors, Officers

and Employees with sufficient detail to provide persons assuming such

positions reasonable guidance in performing their assignments.



General: There are no qualifications for a member/ owner to serve on the Board of Directors

1. Conduct ASOA, a Texas Non-Profit Corporation, business as defined in the

Articles of Incorporation, Deed Restrictions, By-Laws and this manual in the best interest of the property owners

and to the benefit of the Corporation.

2. Attend BOD meetings and be responsive to the tasks/offices assigned. Provide

input, oral and written and to document for future reference on action(s) taken on issues presented to the Board

for disposition.

3. Use fair judgment, without consideration of personal gain, on all issues to provide the most logical, practical and

reasonable decision on issues and cast votes in accordance with ASOA By-Laws.

4. Review the controlling documents in item 1 above periodically for continued awareness of requirements.

5. Prepare, evaluate, authorize, issue and revise as necessary the Rules and Regulations Manual,

Office Operations Manual and Employee Manual to assure consistency in the control, operation and

administration of the ASOA Corporation.

6. Prepare and authorize for submittal for owners’ approval any changes to the ASOA governing

documents (Restrictions, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations) as deemed prudent for improvement of ASOA


7. Accept assignment as Officers of ASOA and perform those assignments using all talent and

experience available, enlist assistance of owners, and perform task as timely as possible.


The President or his/her designated alternate shall preside over all meetings held to conduct ASOA official

business. Designated alternates are other current board members and committee chairpersons.

The President:

1. Shall appoint committees as required to perform the tasks authorized by the BOD or by Owner vote

action/reports. It is mandatory that two Committees be appointed:

(1) The Architectural Control committee is appointed within 30 days after each BOD election. A minimum of three

persons is required to serve on the committee. The committee shall appoint a chairperson. In the event that the

BOD cannot find willing parties to serve on the committee the board will assume the responsibility

(2) The Nominating Committee, consisting of at least three persons, must be appointed by January 15th each year

to allow time for the Committee to perform their duties. The persons appointed cannot be current Directors, Officers

or Employees of ASOA. Refer to “Committees” for task description.

2. Shall operate the ASOA within the limits of the annual budget and retain sufficient reserve for future needs.

3. Shall assure all activities requiring use of ASOA funds are for the benefit of the majority and are for the welfare

of the Association.

4. Shall participate in all hiring or dismissal of paid employees. Hiring/Dismissal practices must be approved by

BOD vote.

5. Shall give due consideration to all reports from owners, officers and employees and with approval of the BOD

direct the action deemed appropriate to assure report of the final results to the interested parties.

6. Shall monitor tasks assigned to other Directors, Officers and assure performance.

7. Shall require periodic reports oral or written from Directors, Officers and Committee Chairpersons on their

assigned tasks to assure adequacy of performance. Activities requiring any reaction from owners must be

written for record purposes.


8. Shall perform the assigned tasks for the office of President within the limitations of ASOA Articles of

Incorporation, Deed Restrictions, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations.

9. Shall preside at monthly meetings with Board of Directors to discuss current ASOA business issues. Preside at

special meetings as required.

10. Shall obtain list of items approved for action by past and current BOD and/or Owners from Secretary. Perform

or assign to Officers for accomplishment within constraints of operating procedure. Provide list of

unaccomplished tasks to succeeding BOD’s. All items shall be recorded in minutes of meetings.


1. Perform tasks / functions assigned/delegated by the President or BOD.

2. Form / appoint committees as directed by the BOD/President to perform tasks / functions as


3. Periodically, report activities on assigned tasks / functions to the President and/or BOD.

4. Submit reports of final action of Committees / functions as required to the BOD, President and

Secretary for ASOA record retention.


The VP of Maintenance Operations will perform tasks/functions as assigned/delegated by the President/BOD.

Normal responsibilities include, but not limited to the following: The VP of Maintenance may be designated as the

Pool Manager as one of the duties.

1. Form / appoint committees as needed, or as requested by the BOD, to perform required tasks.

2. When authorized by the BOD, solicit paid maintenance assistance for task performance. All employees will be

paid an hourly wage, commensurate with task.

3. Provide training, instruction and guidance to employees.

4. Develop, maintain and control a listing of maintenance equipment, its estimated value, description, original cost

and location. The listing shall be on file in the ASOA business office.

5. Maintain a current file of items needing repair/maintenance and alert the BOD to the conditions. Provide a copy

of the list to the Office Secretary and / or BOD.

6. Report to the BOD any theft, vandalism or other damage. Help determine cost that may be recoverable by


7. Maintain awareness of items covered by insurance, warranty, etc.

8. Direct and control mowing / spraying operations for:

a. Weed and fire hazard control for individual owners.

b. Weed / grass control in parks, lots and around ramps and buildings owned by the Association.

9. Inspect drainage ditches for blockage, excessive erosion or other undesirable conditions and repair

or correct as needed. For major damage / cost items report to BOD for discussion / disposition.

10. Monitor electrical, plumbing, structure and sanitation conditions for all buildings and facilities to assure

they are kept in good repair and useable / sanitary.

11. Direct all operation and maintenance activities.



1. Perform tasks/ functions as assigned by the President/BOD.

2. Form/ appoint committees as directed by the President/BOD to perform tasks / functions as required.

3. Periodically report activities on assigned tasks/ functions to the President/BOD.

4. Develop, maintain and control a system for retention of all real property, legal papers, records of capital

equipment, licenses/permits, insurance, etc., that relate to Arrowhead Shores owned real property and capital

equipment. Coordinate with Director of Maintenance for accountability of capital equipment.

5. Record and maintain minutes of the meetings of the BOD and of the members. Retain as monthly/semiannual/

annual reports.

6. Develop, maintain and control a system for preparation, issue and retention of annual, semi-annual and

monthly reports. Present to BOD for approval at each succeeding meeting.

a. Arrowhead Shores reports – twice yearly

b. Board of Directors – monthly

c. At least one copy of each report shall be retained in a book for record purposes.

7. See that all notices are duly given in accordance with the ASOA By-Laws and Rules and Regulations,

or as required by law.

8. Maintain a list of tasks to be performed / supervised by the BOD/Directors/ Officers, that relate to the

maintenance, repair and upkeep of ASOA development. Review (at a minimum) monthly with Directors for

additions and/or completions.

9. Be custodian of the Seal of Corporation to the point it is securely stored and available at the ASOA

business office. See that the seal is affixed to documents, as necessary, on the behalf of the Corporation.

10. Assure a listing is kept of the post office address of each ASOA property owner. Assist the Office Secretary in

obtaining current addresses. Develop, maintain and control a system for reporting conditions voiced by owners,

action items from ASOA owners meetings, BOD meetings and any other source that require action on behalf of

ASOA, BOD, and/or Officers.

Prepare draft responses based on inputs from the affected Director/Officer for review approval

and issue by the President. Develop, maintain and control a system for:

a. Operating the business office to support the described systems and coordinate

with the Office Secretary on existing systems.

b. Use of the Community Building and maintaining the activity calendar,

leasing /renting, surveillance for adherence to established rules and regulations. Coordinate

with the Office Secretary for existing procedures.

11. Assure a permanent record is retained for all of the above.

12. Maintain courteous cooperative and helpful relationship with fellow officers, employees, ASOA

members/ property owners. Abusive language, belligerent attitude or sexual harassment will

not be tolerated and will be cause for BOD to take appropriate disciplinary action.


1. Perform tasks/functions as assigned/delegated by the president/BOD.

2. Form/appoint committees as directed by the President/BOD to perform tasks/functions as required.


3. Periodically report activities on assigned tasks/functions to the president/BOD.

4. Maintain and control a system for collecting ASOA dues. The system shall provide for timely billing, recognition

of non-payment and accumulation of fees, follow-up and ultimate court action as necessary. Assure application

of interest penalty to unpaid accounts.

5. Maintain and control a system for timely billing, recognition of non-payment and accumulation of mowing

charges. Follow up unpaid accounts and initiate court action as necessary. Coordinate with VP of

Maintenance for report of mowing. Assure application of interest penalty to unpaid accounts.

6. Maintain and control a system for ASOA checking and savings accounts. The system shall account for all

receipts, disbursements, maintain a current balance, timely deposit, source of receipt, destination of

disbursement and support preparation of financial reports.

7. Maintain and control a system for preparation, issue and retention of monthly and annual financial reports.

The reports shall reflect the month-end balance as shown in the ASOA checking and savings accounts.

8. Present financial reports at monthly BOD, semi-annual and annual meetings for review and approval.

9. Assure timely payment of taxes (employee FICA, Federal Withholding unemployment and real estate) and

insurance payments, as required.

10. Assure timely preparation, review/approval and submittal of ASOA Federal withholding tax forms to the Internal

Revenue Service. Review the tax form with the BOD prior to submittal.

11. Propose to the BOD the filing of court action on those property owners who are most delinquent in payment

of ASOA/Mowing/Cleanup fees. Participate in and/or monitor court action as required.


1. Maintain files on each lot and ASOA owner(s) as related to:

a. ASOA dues collection

b. Maintenance fees collection

c. Unpaid fees/dues and applied interest (if applicable)

d. As best possible identify mortgaged and un-mortgaged lots

e. Prepare correspondence to collect unpaid dues/fees


. Prepare and maintain records on court actions

g. Prepare memos/letters of correspondence as required

h. Maintain records of employee's vacation, leave of absence, rescheduled holidays or any other variance for

workdays. Records will be sufficient to determine days worked, days off, etc.

i. Maintain records of correspondence with individual owners as necessary


a. Maintain files/deposit box on ASOA property for all legal papers, tax records and any other pertinent data

b. Maintain records of improvement/repair costs


c. Keep current list of ail capital equipment and records of maintenance costs, and equipment location

d. Assure timely payment of taxes, licenses, permits, insurance, etc. by preparation of necessary checks

e. Maintain records of ASOA owners who have keys for access to the pool, buildings, ramps, maintenance

equipment, etc.

f. Maintain files of persons or industries performing work or furbishing supplies to ASOA


a. Maintain records of receipts, expenditures and money on hand and prepare annual and semi-annual budget

reports. Also prepare monthly reports as requested by the Board of Directors

b. Prepare for signature and maintain records of minutes of ASOA and Board of Director meetings

c. Attend ASOA and Director's meetings and record minutes, if requested by the Board of Directors


a. Prepare for signature the checks necessary for day-to-day business transactions and prepare for deposit

the daily receipts from any source of revenue. Assure deposits are timely

b. Maintain an accurate record and balance of all ASOA accounts

c. Maintain record of all periodic payments to assure timely payment


General: ASOA’s business hours have been selected to meet the needs of the Corporation and its

members/owners. They may be changed at the discretion of the BOD. An Employee handbook is provided to all full

and part time employees. It covers all aspects of employment with ASOA.


a. An employee is considered full time if the average work week is 16 hours or more and is gainfully employed by

ASOA for 48 weeks or more per year. ASOA provides full time employees the following benefits:

1. Vacation hours are accrued at the rate of .04 hours for every hour worked for full time employees

as described in Directive III (f) below.

2. Paid holidays as described in Directive III (e.) below.

b. The employee will be paid weekly. Payment will be during the week following the earning period, preferably

during the first two scheduled workdays.

c. The workweek is defined as Monday through Sunday.

d. The workweek (days and hours) for each employee will be established by the ASOA Board of Directors-and any

absenteeism must be reported immediately by the employee to any available Board of Directors member or

office secretary.

e. Full Time Employees will be given paid time off for the following holidays New Year's Day, Memorial Day,

Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday and Christmas.

If the holiday occurs on an unscheduled workday, the preceding or succeeding workday will be observed. The

employee may work designated holidays, as approved by the Board of Directors, be accumulated or taken at a

later date within the same year.


f. Full Time Employee is entitled to a paid vacation each year, taken in any portion (1 day, 1 week etc.) as

approved by the Board of Directors. Vacation will be accrued on the basis of .04 hours of vacation time for each

hour worked.

g. The employee's performance will be reviewed before each year-end and any salary/benefit adjustment approved

by the Board of Directors will be effective the first Monday of the following year. The old and new salary amounts

will be recorded in the Board of Director's minutes of meetings.

h. The employee may take unpaid leave of absence as approved by the Board of Directors.

i. Each new employee will be subject to a background check and serve a 90-day probationary period.

j. ASOA does not provide any type of health, dental, or life insurance for the employee,

k. ASOA does not provide any type of Retirement, profit sharing or employee annuity program,

1. If the employee is called for Jury Duty, ASOA will compensate any city/county service payment to assure a daily

salary equal to the ASOA wage,

2. PART TIME EMPLOYMENT- Part time employment includes employees who may work more than 16 hours per

week but less than 48 weeks per year. These positions are typically Pool Attendants and Maintenance Assistants.

Part Time Employees are not eligible for vacation or holiday pay.

a. ASOA provides no benefits, insurance or any other monetary offering other than the agreed to hourly wage for

the designated days and hours worked.

b. The rate of pay will be determined by the BOD.

3. Voluntary Labor. ASOA encourages people to volunteer their services for the improvement of ASOA.

a. Paid expenses- Volunteers will be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses incurred while performing volunteer

duties. These expenses will be limited to material expenses and mileage reimbursement for use of

a personal vehicle while performing voluntary work.

b. All expenses must be submitted on an approved expense form with receipts and approved by the BOD prior to


c. ASOA furnishes no benefits, insurance or other monetary offering other than the reimbursement for out of

pocket expense.

4. CONTRACT LABOR- The BOD may authorize the use of contract labor “on an As Needed basis” primarily for

Maintenance support such as mowing or other maintenance assistance. There may be other needs for

contracted business support, such as accounting functions.

a. No wages will be paid other than the amount agreed to between the independent contractor and the BOD.

b. There will be no tax withholdings and the contractor must submit to the ASOA office a completed W4 form. The

contractor is responsible for its own taxes.

c. ASOA has no responsibility toward the contractor other than the agreed to contracted amount.




The Architectural Control committee is appointed within 30 days after each BOD election. A minimum of three

persons is required to serve on the committee. The committee shall appoint a chairperson. In the event that the

BOD cannot find willing parties to serve on the committee the board will assume the responsibility. The committee

is responsible for the enforcement of the restrictions as defined in the ASOA deed restrictions.

a. Following appointment the committee shall meet (within 10 calendar days) to appoint a chairperson and

discuss with the outgoing committee activities of the previous year and obtain a status of unfinished business.

b. The committee will keep records of mobile homes moved in, building erections and structure maintenance

sufficient to determine approval/ non-approval by the current and succeeding committee. Records shall be

maintained in the ASOA office.

c. The committee shall study the subdivision deed restrictions for proper interpretation.

d. Periodically canvass the development for new or modified construction.

e. Contact owners involved in construction and review, with them, the subdivision restrictions to assure

awareness of the restrictions.

f. Assure submittal of construction plans by owners for Committee review and approval/ disapproval, in

accordance with the subdivision restrictions. Assure all fee payments are current.

g. Issue notice to ASOA owners when construction and property maintenance does not meet restriction

requirements. Notices (citations) will be issued to repeat violators. Assure copies of notices (citations) are on

file in the ASOA Business office.

h. When violations persist, present recommended actions to the BOD for further direction/disposition. File

actions with the state or county authorities when required and follow up to determine final action. Summarize

activities for record in accordance with paragraphs g and i.

i. Respond to statements of complaints signed by owners and present to the BOD for response to the complaint.

Copies of all correspondence will be kept on file in the ASOA office, in the owners file.

j. The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Citation Program for owners

who violate the Deed Restrictions.


The Nominating Committee is appointed by the ASOA President at least 120 days prior to the next annual meeting.

Such lead-time is necessary to assure timely announcement of candidates to the owners prior to the annual

meeting in April of each year. The Committee will:

1. After appointment by the President, meet and elect a chairperson.

2. Compile a list of potential candidates from:

a. Persons expressing desire to serve on the BOD.

b. Persons considered experienced and willing to serve,

c. Persons having previously served prior term on the BOD.

3. Canvass the list of potential candidates for those that will apply for candidacy. Provide an application form to

each applicant. The form will have space for applicant name, address, reason for wanting to serve on the BOD

and any other information considered pertinent by the Committee.

4. Attempt to obtain two applications for each Directors position to be filled by election.

5. Deliver the applications to the President a minimum of 90 days prior to the next election. The applications will be

kept on file in the ASOA office.


6. Prepare a ballot containing all applicants’ names for use as an absentee or Election Day ballot.

7. Provide and maintain control of the ballot box.

8. Periodically monitor storage of ballot box at the ASOA office during absentee voting.

9. Conduct the election at the Annual Owners Meeting in April.

a. Assure each voter is eligible to vote in accordance with ASOA By-Laws.

b. Provide a roster for obtaining all voters signature.

c. Issue the correct number ballots as described in the ASOA By-Laws.

d. Introduce candidates and instruct voters on voting procedure.

e. Assist voters in getting ballots in the ballot box.

f. Count votes.

g. Announce the elected Directors, beginning with the person obtaining the most votes and the remaining

names in descending order.

h. Announce the candidates that were not elected, beginning with the person obtaining the most votes and

the remainder in descending order. These persons will fill vacated Directors positions in accordance with

the By-Laws.

i. Secure the votes in a sealed package identifying the election year, and all candidates in descending

order of votes received on the exterior. Give to the Secretary for filing in ASOA records,

j. Store ballot box in the ASOA office for future use.


PURPOSE-To define the specific rights, privileges, responsibilities and restrictions of property owners, their guests,

and approved Renters, Tenants and Lessees.


Renters, Tenants and Lessees residing at Arrowhead Shores shall have no rights or privileges pertaining to the use

of ASOA parks, Community Center, pool, boat ramps and recreational facilities until status is verified.

1. Property Owners who rent/lease property in Arrowhead Shores are responsible for notifying the ASOA office and

providing the names of their Renters, Tenants, Lessees. It is also the responsibility of the property owners to

inform their Renters, Tenants, Lessees of the required Membership Fee (a fee list is available at the ASOA office

or online) or the property owner can pay it at the time they pay their annual Membership Dues.

2. Upon payment of Renter, Tenant, Lessee Member Dues , the Renter, Tenant , Lessee will have access to all

recreational facilities, Community Center, boat ramps, and any other activity under the control of the ASOA

equal to the owners, except the Renter, Tenant , Lessee shall have no right to vote nor have voice in the

organization, function or affairs of the Association.

3. The office Secretary shall establish a file record of the Renter, Tenant, Lessee membership in the Owners file to

assure timely billing of annual fees.

4. Non-payment of annual fees will nullify all previously granted privileges to the Renter, Tenant, Lessee Member.


PURPOSE-The Association shall operate a maintenance- program to enforce the requirements of the Subdivision

Restrictions, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations,


1. The Association will offer to mow any unoccupied lot for the owner for a specified annual fee (a fee list is

available at the ASOA office or on line). The lot must be free of rocks, stakes, pipes, debris, septic tanks, etc,


that could damage equipment or endanger the operator. If obstructions exist, they must be

clearly marked by the owner and agree that area will not be cleared.

a. The ASOA office will prepare and mail to each owner who annually contracts for mowing, an agreement form to

mow/not mow the lot(s) a list of associated mowing fees will be included.

b. Information will be maintained in the office to indicate:

(1) Agreed-to lots to be mowed.

(2) Lots that are not mow able.

(3) Lots with dwelling, fenced or otherwise normally maintained

by the owner.

(4) Vacant lots maintained by owners.

(5) Lots owned by ASOA and ASOA commons property.

c. In accordance with Subdivision Restrictions, if non contract lots require mowing, the Office Secretary will bill each

owner after each mowing. Bills will indicate all past due fees plus accrued interest.

2. When improved property (dwellings/fences/building on property) is not maintained and Citation Program:

a. Notify the property owner by Certified Mail with a copy of the citation specifying the violation and a time to make


b. If the owner takes no action, the Maintenance VP or BOD will take actions to cause correction of the conditions

that violate Subdivision Restrictions. The cost of correction will be estimated and provided to the BOD and the

ASOA Secretary will notify the owner of charges due.

c. If the owner does not respond, the ASOA Secretary/Maintenance VP will discuss with the BOD for possible court

action. The owner will be notified by certified mail of any decisions made.


The VP of Maintenance or maintenance person responsible for supervision/performance of mowing activities will

instruct train the designated operator of the proper use and maintenance of the ASOA tractor and related

maintenance equipment. Details of the inspections and operations are on file in the ASOA office.


The Community Building is for the use and pleasure of the eligible ASOA members, eligible Renter ,Tenant, Lessee

members and for Community social activities open to all owners. Rules and regulations for use of the Community

Room have been approved by the owners and board and are on file in the ASOA office.

1. The Office Secretary shall maintain on file, copies of applications for reservation and ASOA Community

Building rules and regulations,

2. The office Secretary shall post and keep current an activity calendar showing dates/times of each

approved reservation. The calendar will be located on the bulletin board in the community room.

3. Each person applying for facility reservation will fill out an application for reservation and pay all fees and

deposits in advance. The reservation will not be honored / authorized until such fees/deposits are

delivered to the ASOA Secretary. (a fee list is available at the ASOA Office and on line)

4. There are exceptions to item 3 where no fees/deposits are required:

a. ASOA owners meetings.

b. ASOA BOD meetings.


c. Social events open to all ASOA owners, Renter, Tenant , Lessee members, guests and


d. Social Clubs and groups comprised of ASOA owners/members. No church or political

groups are allowed.

5. The VP of Maintenance /employee is responsible for periodic inspection/cleaning of the restrooms to

assure facilities are clean and sanitary.


The responsibility for maintenance and operation of the ASOA pool lies with the VP of Maintenance and designated

Pool Manager. The VP of maintenance also has the responsibility to inspect the boat ramps, basketball court,

community parks and report to the BOD any maintenance that is required.


The Pool Area is defined as all of the area inside the pool perimeter fence.

This instruction provides a general description of the rules and regulations for swimmers/persons in the pool area.

A listing of most used rules is posted in the pool area. A complete detail list of Pool Rules is available at the ASOA

office and posted in the Concession Stand at the Pool.

Every effort is made to provide the use of the swimming pool free of charge to members and Renter, Tenant ,

Lessee members who are current in their dues. This situation may change and all fees are subject to change

without notice. Member use of the pool is available for the extended family and Renter, Tenant , Lessee member

use is limited to the resident immediate family. Guests of members are subject to a daily use fee.

1. Member must be current in ASOA dues. Annual Pool passes are available for those

owners/members Renter, Tenant , Lessee who are not currently paid up. Daily use passes are also

available. ASOA

Swimming Pool passes may also be purchased by non-residents of ASOA subject to immediate family

use only.

2. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older who has

authority to allow emergency medical attention if required. The pool attendant cannot accept

responsibility for care of children. It is the responsibility of the parent to insure that someone is watching

his or her children at all times. The parent must notify the pool attendant verbally or in writing about who

will be watching their children.

3. Bathing suits only shall be worn in the pool. NO cut offs or other dress is


4. NO running or horseplay in the pool or pool area.

5. Glass containers are not allowed in the pool area. Plastic

or cans only.

6. No pets will be allowed in the pool area.

7. NO lifeguard on duty. Everyone swims at his or her own risk.

8. No foul or abusive language.

9. NO coolers are allowed in the pool area. Drinks may be carried in one at a time.

10. The pool attendant is authorized to enforce all pool rules. The pool attendant may ask people to sit out

of the pool if they violate the rules. The attendant may ask a violator to leave the pool if the violation

continues after being asked to stop or sit out.


The pool attendant is there to maintain the pool safety and keep the pool area in a neat and orderly

manner. The pool attendant is not a lifeguard. They will sell Pool Passes to authorized persons only. They

have the authority to call any necessary law enforcement or board member if people do not comply with the


11. No drugs or marijuana will be allowed in the pool area.

12. No public gambling will be allowed in the pool area.

13. No church activities will be allowed in the pool area.

14. Pool hours are:

Monday - Closed for Maintenance

Tuesday 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Tuesday 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Adults Only by advance reservation

Wednesday 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Thursday 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Friday 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Saturday 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Saturday 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Adults Only by advance reservation

Sunday 1:00 PM- 7:00 PM

Tuesday and Saturday evenings are reserved for adult only use of the pool.

Responsible consumption of alcohol is permitted during the adult’s only use of the pool. No glass

containers are allowed in the pool area. At no time will alcohol be allowed in the pool during the nonreserved

time. There will be no pool attendant on duty and the concession stand will be closed.

The board may designate certain holiday weekends as open weekends for the Property Owners and

guests of Arrowhead Shores, for example Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July weekend and Labor Day


15. NO objects that will damage the pool will be allowed in the pool area.

16. NO outside parties will be allowed and no one can reserve the pool for a private party. Evenings

reserved for adult only use of the pool will be considered exclusive use.

17. Battery Operated radios and other listening devices are allowed in the pool area. The volume

must be kept at a reasonable level that does not disturb other swimmers.

18. Members have the responsibility of their guests in the pool area and guests must comply with the

rules and regulations just as a member.

19. No food (i.e. steaks, hamburgers, etc.) will be allowed in the pool area. Chips and candy and

soft drinks will be allowed. All wrappers must be disposed of in the trashcans, not in the pool.

20. Each member has the responsibility to place any cans/debris that they bring into the pool area in

trashcans located within the pool area for trash disposal.

21. The pool will open on Memorial Day (observed) and close at the end of Labor



Generally the Pool Attendant is responsible for the safe operation of the pool during pool hours. There are limited

maintenance responsibilities for the Pool Attendant such as cleaning the skimmers, skimming the pool, inspection


of the bathrooms for functionality and operation of the concession. A detailed list of the Pool Attendant

responsibilities is on file at the ASOA office and Concession stand.


The ASOA pool is estimated to hold approximately 70,000 gallons of water. It is a saline (salt water) pool and is

maintained as such. Generally a saline pool is a chlorine pool since it generates its own chlorine form added salt.

Detail maintenance procedures are on file in the ASOA office and available to those with the responsibility for

maintaining the pool.

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