Arrowhead Shores Owners Association

Citation example

Citation # ________________ 

Certified Mail, Return Receipt # _____________________

Date of Notification: _________________________

 Attention:      Property Owner         Tenant __________________________

 Your property located at ________________________ has been cited for one or more violations of Directive V of the Rules and Regulations of Arrowhead Shores Owners Association and/or Deed Restrictions of Arrowhead Shores subdivision. 

You have ___ days from the notification date above to remedy the violation(s). If the violation is not remedied by that date, you will be charged a fine.

For the violation(s) listed below, a fine of $20 per violation is charged for a total of $ ________.

Failure to remedy the violation(s) could result in the involvement of legal authorities, e.g. the Hood County Health Dept., the Hood County Fire Dept., filing of a deed restriction complaint at the Hood County Justice Center, etc. This could result in additional fines from these agencies.

If the delinquency continues after («DeadlineDate» + 30 days), which is 30 days after the deadline date for curing the violation, a lien will be placed on the property and you will be charged additional fines, attorney’s fees, and court costs.

The ASOA Board may decide to correct the violation(s) directly. This would result in the costs of curing the violation being added to the fines, attorney’s fees, and court costs and immediate foreclosure of the lien.

Violations cited:

_____        Lot is not free of tall grass and/or brush.

_____        Garbage or rubbish uncontained.

_____        Old furniture, mattresses or other accumulated items need removal.

_____        Motorized vehicles/watercraft in inoperable or partially disassembled condition.

_____        Dog(s) not legally contained per Hood County Animal Control regulation and/or   deed restriction

_____        Property (dwellings/fences/buildings/yards/acreage not maintained and becomes a potential fire, health, or infestation hazard or creates an unsightly appearance in the subdivision.

_____        Abandoned homes, trailers, modular homes, unfinished unsightly structures and any dwelling originally intended for habitation which existing statutes deem unfit for habitation and thus considered condemned.

_____       Common area use:  temporary suspension or permanent expulsion.

_____       Other ________________________________________________________________________

You have the right to submit a written request for a hearing within 30 days to discuss and verify facts and resolve the matter(s) in issue before the Board of Directors. You have the right to receive a hearing within 30 days of your written request with a minimum 10 day notice of the hearing date. The Owner’s presence is not required to hold a hearing under Section 209.007 of the Texas Property Code.

For the Arrowhead Shores Board of Directors

 Name _________________________________Title ____________________________

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